Cashify Loans - CloudBankin – A digital loan software by Habile Technologies

About Cashify Loans

Cashify is the leading Australian private finance lender, helping everyday Aussies with a choice of fast cash loan options from $500 up to $200,000. They offer instant fast loans across Australia which is simple, secure and flexible for all of life’s situations.

  • Challenges
  • Solutions
  • Results
  • Need to compete with the speed and professionalism offered by the big four banks in Australia
  • Expect a technology solution which will be flexible to work with existing marketing platforms
  • Need not have the time or budget to build everything from scratch.

CloudBankIn was very impressive with a wide range of functionality and security. During the scoping phase, the Habile team went the extra mile diving deep into all our existing systems to understand not just how we could integrate them, but what could be improved as well. Seamless integrations with third party system like Equifax, DocuSign, Agile CRM, Westpac Payway etc. Finally we made it on time (within one month) and on budget.

Cashify got more than 300 enquiries per week and the count keeps on increasing day by day as the entire process has been automated.

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