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How Deviation is Managed in Digital Lending!

How beautifully a deviation has been handled in digital lending! The case: Approval Limit on loan amounts. Not all branches of a FI are eligible to approve higher amounts of loan.

The Key Metric Many Lenders Ignore in Loan Collections!

Actually, most of the lenders are not tracking this data. Lenders will have a common EMI date for their borrowers.

How Festival Season Drives 40% of Annual Revenue

Wish you all a Happy Diwali and I would like to share a conversation between a Lender and Me. Me: What's special this Diwali?

Best Digital Lending Approach

Which is correct in digital lending? First Approach: 1) Collect a lot of data from the borrower 2) Analyse a complete 360 degree of a borrower 3) Finally, give him a Loan offer 4) Disburse Time taken to Disburse = 15 mins

Top 3 Common Mistakes and Frauds by Loan Officers/Field Staff

3 Top common Mistakes/Frauds a Loan officer/Field Staff do and you can see how technology can help fix it.

Understanding Broken Period Interest in Personal Loans

Do you know what a broken period interest in a personal loan is?

Approval rates of Digital Lending Apps

Did you know the approval rates of Digital lending apps?

APIs required for digital lending

These are the minimum set of APIs required for digital lending for a personal loan.

Data Triangulation: Your Shield Against Lending Fraud

Lending Fraud - If I enter somebody else's PAN number and MY Aadhar number, will I be able to get a loan?

Fostering Lender-Borrower Connection: The Manual E-Signature Approach

I spoke to a Lender where they have automated everything except one process. Do you know what that is?

Digital Efficiency vs. Manual Redundancy: The Startling Dilemma in Financial Institutions

Recently, I spoke to one of the loan officers at a Financial Institution (FI) and was shocked to hear this! Please read on to find out what the shock is!

Unveiling the 50% Attrition Rate: What Drives Loan Officers and Field Staff to Quit?

Can you guess what the attrition rate of the Loan officer/Field Staff is? 50% Yes.. you heard it right. Its 50%

One of the interesting use cases in digital lending:

If a borrower takes a personal loan, let's say 1 Lakh, for 2 years, and they have been paying properly for the first 6-8 months...

Demystifying Loan Approval: The Role of Credit Bureaus and Lenders

Credit bureaus are responsible for rejecting loan applications due to bad credit scores...

The Digital Lending Revolution: Redefining Borrowing Habits

Let’s see some interesting facts about digital lending.

Unleashing the Fintech Revolution: A Decade of Transformation in Financial Services

Over the past decade, the financial services industry has undergone a massive technological revolution, and the results are as below –

FinTech India’s Meteoric Rise: A Decade of Transformation in Numbers

A Quick Snapshot of the Recent Key Growth Factors for FinTech India:

The 28/36 Rule: A Guiding Light for Financial Wellness

Do you know “The Golden Rule” that lenders use to gauge your Expense-to-Income Ratio for a bank statement analysis?

The Four Cornerstones of Effective Underwriting

What are all the four pillars of underwriting?

Banking Evolution: India’s Journey

I am happy to share these interesting Facts about the History of Banking in this Independence day

Geolocation’s Impact on Digital Lending Decisions

These digital lending AI models make decisions based on Geolocation.

Redefining Banking for the Digital Age: The Customer Experience Imperative

83.9% of financial institutions think customer experience can be a game-changer.

What is Digital Payment?

Any payment that takes place electronically through online/digital mode is called digital payment.

India's credit card market

India's credit card market is booming, with a staggering 8.65 crore cards in circulation.

Factors consider to evaluate Credit Scores

A credit score is a three-digit number that falls within a range of 300 to 900.

Frauds in Digital lending apps

True Incident: - Once you install the app, it will ask you to get a loan for 4000...

FLDG Guidelines: Enhancing Risk Management

FLDG guidelines promote shared risk and careful portfolio management for Fintech and Regulated Entities (RE).

Co-Lending Default Handling Strategies

Before the new FLDG guidelines, In Co-Lending, What happens in case the borrower defaults?

Understanding First Loss Default Guarantee (FLDG)

We all came to know that RBI regulated FLDG last week. But people asked me what is FLDG?

Categories of Secured Lending

In Secured lending, we have three categories.

Blended Interest RateBlended Interest RateBlended Interest Rate

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