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New Credit Product in this Upcoming New Year

Quickly Launch a New Credit Product in this Upcoming New Year

The festive season holds the key to a significant portion of a Financial Institution’s annual revenue, with 40% of income being generated during this vibrant period. It’s an opportunity that you cannot afford to miss.

In our upcoming webinar, “Quickly Launch a New Credit Product in this Upcoming New Year,” on Nov 21 2023 @ 4 PM.

10 Stages in the Loan Origination Process

Importance of CKYC in Financial Institutions

In an era where regulatory compliance and customer data protection are paramount, understanding the significance of CKYC in financial institutions has never been more critical.

Join us for an insightful webinar on 8th August 2023 at 4 PM as we delve into the core of secure and credible financial operations with a focus on Central Know Your Customer (CKYC).

10 Stages in the Loan Origination Process

Enhancing Customer Experience in Urban Cooperative Banks

During this webinar, esteemed industry influencers & experts will share valuable insights showcasing how UCBs can distinguish themselves by elevating their customer experience. Whether you are a bank executive, manager, or professional working in the cooperative banking sector, this event is specifically tailored to provide you with valuable knowledge and inspiration to drive positive transformation.

10 Stages in the Loan Origination Process

Innovations in MSME Credit

MSMEs (Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises) play a crucial role in the growth and development of the Indian economy. And for financial institutions to provide them with credit is essential for any MSME’s success. Over the years, there have been several innovations in MSME credit, such as digital lending platforms, invoice financing, P2P lending, credit scoring models, etc.

10 Stages in the Loan Origination Process

Co-Lending by Banks & NBFCs

Co-lending generally entails financial institutions working together to provide borrowers with loan products and services. The co-lending strategy developed by the Reserve Bank of India has promoted risk sharing and made it easier for banks and non-bank lenders to work together. The recent RBI guidelines have also impacted the co-lending model in the Indian financial Ecosystem. Although the concept appears attractive in theory, it faces significant organisational, operational and technical issues. 


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