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About Pres MFI

The PCC Molyko is one of the congregations of the Presbyterian Church in Cameroon (PCC) located in the South West Region of Cameroon.  Presbyterian MicroFinance Institution Limited (PRESMFI) is an approved category 2 microfinance institution owned by the PCC at Molyko Buea. Pres MFI caters to the local population church hierarchy, pastors, christians and the general public offering aid/solution to all their financial needs.

  • Challenges
  • Solutions
  • Results
  • Manual – Still doing most of the operations manually
  • Multiple Systems – Handling multiple systems and they are not communicating each other
  • Scale up – Unable to scale up their business with different products
  • Monitoring the clients in remote place
  1. Allowing end customers to access their accounts(performing transaction as well as viewing) through the Mobile application
  2. Salary transfer, school fee payment option for end customer
  3. A complete loan management system with charges and tax
  4. Loan officer mobile app implementation for ease of customer service
  5. Role wise definition of user powers to effectively implement organizational policies
  6. Dashboard implemented to give a snapshot of the entire book(Asset and Liabilities)
  7. Trigger and action based SMS and email setup
  8. Able to accommodate new financial products like Seasonal loans for employees in private sector, Equipment loans, Housing loans
  1. 300% increase in Client acquisition
  2. 200% increase in Deposit accounts
  3. Enhanced customer experience and ease of transaction by providing end user access to the account through the mobile application, SMS and email communication
  4. Able to acquire new customers by introducing new financial products
  5. Increased revenue through salary transfer and school fee collection feature implementation
  6. Reports and Dashboard to monitor and take course correction when necessary

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