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About Sejaya Micro Credit Ltd

Sejaya Micro Credit Ltd.(SMCL) is a Micro finance Institution in Sri Lanka whose aim is to empower the last mile people, especially women through Financial Inclusion, generating employment opportunities in a socially responsible manner thereby enhancing the living standard .

Capturing the true spirit of micro finance, the organization aims to establish a social enterprise focused on the well being of the women from the low income group.  At a modest 17 branches at present and expanding fast, SMCL aims to leverage on technology to spread its wings far and wide.

  • Challenges
  • Solutions
  • Results

The existing system is character based and with severe limitations in data capture and hence reports. Time required to fit in the latest product and process requirements according to changes in the regulations is high and costly.

  1. Replicating the organization structure including the branches and decision hierarchy in the system
  2. Organising the work flow according to the specific requirements to enable seamless working of their decision structure
  3. Automating banking disbursement file generation
  4. Mobile App customization to suit their work flow
  5. Flexibility to add more data fields for various modules as per requirement without making changes in the software
  6. Facility to get real time accounting reports according to organization hierarchy
  7. Collection management to suit the system ensuring daily tallying of bank and cash balances
  1. On boarding customer while capturing maximum data  seamlessly
  2. Mistake proofing the process while prompting the checks to be done
  3. The field agent has access to vital data which improves their turnaround time
  4. Checks and Balances in place thereby freeing the management of process issues
  5. Availability of real-time reports for better assessment
  6. API based system allowing smooth integration with other external services in future

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