Embedded Finance - Use case 4 - CloudBankin – A digital loan software by Habile Technologies

In our #embeddedfinanceseries we have discussed on #embeddedpayments #embeddedcredit #embeddedinsurance

Let’s explore some more #embeddedfinance use cases today.

The cost of healthcare is a significant concern for many people. Additionally, inaccessible pricing and cloudy payment options can make treatment difficult or delayed.

Embedded finance can change these things as below –

1) Improved access to healthcare services
2) Better financial planning
3) Unbiased loan approvals, even for sick borrowers

1) Increase their customer base
2) Leverage platform data to improve underwriting models
3) Boost cross-selling and upselling

Hospitals : 
1) Additional revenue from elective surgeries
2) Enhanced patient loyalty
3) Controlled revenue streams
4) Improve patient loyalty by offering installment-based financing 
5) Streamlines the payment collection process

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