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Funny conversation with a celebrity on lending:

Celebrity: Mani, I know you are in the Financial Services Industry. I have a doubt. 
Me: Yeah. Please tell me, Sir.

Celebrity: I have got a message from a bank for a personal loan
Me: Yeah. We often get promotional messages. That’s common, Sir.

Celebrity: I know that’s common. What’s uncommon is, I got a message stating, “Thank you for banking with us. We have a special personal loan offer of Rs 15,000 from XXX Bank. Click here to grab the offer.” Should I grab this offer or not? (he is laughing at me)
Me: Wrong message to you. Sometimes it happens, Sir 🙂

Questions we should ask the Financial Institutions:
1) Why would a celebrity get a Rs 15,000 loan offer? 
2) At what level is customer profiling taking place?
3) What kind of data is used for profiling?

What other questions do you have?

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