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India’s credit card market is booming, with a staggering 8.65 crore cards in circulation. 💳

Here’s a glimpse of the top 3 banks’ credit card market share:

1. HDFC Bank – Leading the pack with an impressive 20.4% market share of about 1.75 Crores.
2. SBI – A close contender, capturing a significant 19.2% market share of about 1.68 Crores.
3. ICICI Bank – Not far behind, with a strong presence, holding 16.6% of the market of about 1.45 Crores.

A big shoutout to BankBazaar India for providing us with this insightful list of the credit card industry!

Curious to know how the major banks fare in this competitive landscape? Get a glimpse at today’s infographic.
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