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Yesterday I was a speaker at ISACA Chennai Chapter(Official), addressing a topic called “How Fintech is reshaping the word”.

Before the event, I spoke to the organizers about who the audience was. They told me that audience would be GRC, security and compliance professionals. 

The first surprise was that I was the youngest in the crowd :). 
Audience count: Approx (80 to 100)

I started asking slowly what the definition of Fintech; The audience slowly started responding to my questions. I will always make a session interactive. Or else it will be boring for me and for the audience too.. 
I explained my definition. (

Since my allotted time was 40 mins, I thought let’s focus on one topic, “lending”, as Fintech is an extensive topic.

The moment when I opened a slide called “Traditional lending Vs Fintech lending”, I suddenly got 10-20 questions coming left and right.

Now the interaction becomes much stronger, which I didn’t expect.
(second surprise)

Questions like: How’s it possible to give a loan in 10 mins? What about regulations, Is it fake apps? What kind of loan it is? Are you talking about BNPL? etc etc

I was saying, “One question at a time”. (this is to control the audience). I was patiently responding to their questions.

Suddenly I got doubt and asked a question to the audience. 
Me: How many are from Banking?
Audience: Almost 90% of them were raising their hands.
Me: A big surprise to me 🙂
(Audience and Me laughed like anything)
Audience: You should have asked this question initially.

Then, we discussed Digital frauds, AI/ML in lending, Account Aggregators, BNPL, Regulations etc. 

When I got down from the stage, thinking about whether I had done this session properly or not, 
The audience came to me and said: “Session was really good and informative, ” and I got good applause. It made my day.

Thanks Smitha M VVaidyanathan ChandramouliSripathy Raagav and Geetha Jayaraman, for giving me this opportunity.
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