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NPA Collections: Fintech Solutions

Gross NPAs of PSU banks - Rs 5.4 Lakh Crores. Usually, NPA Collections are outsourced to Agencies.

LAP NPAs: Risk and Impact

NPAs are higher for LAP products than Home Loans, why is that?

Video KYC & UPI

One of the Questions to the panel at the FinTech Festival India:

Facts about digital Lending

FLDG guidelines promote shared risk and careful portfolio management for Fintech and Regulated Entities (RE)

Loan Access Disparities in India

In India, has everybody access to loans?

Transformation of Ad Teams

How many of us know this?

SMS Data for Credit

After smartphone penetration, people are not watching their SMS at all.

Revolutionizing Vehicle Financing Options

An interesting insight on vehicle loans for lenders.

DeFi Loans

DeFi is yet another aspect of finance that has seen a rise.

Strengthening Digital Lending Security

Sunny Leone raised this issue few months back, "This just happened to me. INSANE.

Account Aggregators Framework

Can AA framework help digital lending?

Boosting Loan Conversions in Digital Lending

Last weekend, my friend and I had the following conversation.


Why does everybody want to lend to MSMEs? Because 1) The delinquency rate for MSME loans has dipped from 4.4% to 3%..

Lending Landscape: Opportunities Ahead

For the new age fintechs and NBFCs, what does the competitive landscape look like?

Microfinance: Empowering Women Entrepreneurs

He aspired to break the stereotypical way of lending. He decided to do the exact OPPOSITE of what a conventional BANK did

Revolutionizing Lending: The Microfinance Vision of Prof. Muhammad Yunus

He aspired to break the stereotypical way of lending. He decided to do the exact opposite of what a conventional bank did...

Embedded Finance - Use case 4

Let's explore some more #embeddedfinance use cases today.

Embedded Finance - Use case 3

#Embeddedfinanceseries is back with a new use case - embedded insurance

Embedded Finance - Use case 2

Glad to receive your thoughts on #embeddedfinanceseries regarding #embeddedpayments.

Embedded Finance - Use case 1

In the previous post, we discussed the details of embedded finance on #learnatermwithMani.

Embedded Finance - Intro

Since the pandemic hit, embedded finance has become one of the hottest trends in fintech.

The UPI Revolution: Convenient and Secure Digital Payments

UPI transactions have doubled in volume and value since COVID.

Digital Transformation in Financial Services: Benefits and Technologies

Over the past decade, the financial services industry has undergone a massive technological revolution, and the results are as below -

TNPL: Redefining Travel Financing with Digital Lending and Fintech

Have you heard about TNPL? Among customers opting for TNPL, SOTC Travel Ltd. has experienced a 7X surge in queries.

Linking Credit Cards to UPI: Impact on Fintechs and BNPL Services

RBI has proposed linking credit cards to UPI. Can this be beneficial to fintechs? Will this bring BNPL services under the regulation?

Empowering MSMEs: How Fintech is Transforming Access to Finance

Do you know more than 40% of the 58 million MSMEs in India lack access to traditional lending?

Customer Experience Revolution: Wake-Up!

83.9% of financial institutions think customer experience can be a game-changer. 60.9% consider improved customer experience has made a massive difference.

BNPL Boosts Diwali Sales

Diwali is around the corner, so let's revisit what last year 2021 sales nationwide are telling us -

Blended Interest RateBlended Interest RateBlended Interest Rate

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