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Essential Features of a Digital Lending Solution: Meeting Lender's Requirements for Efficiency and Growth

What should a digital lending solution address? India's digital lending market has explodingly facilitated $2.2 billion in the digital loans segment for 2021-22 alone.

New lending tech trends

New lending tech trends: API-driven lending ecosystems, Data Analytics, Account Aggregators, End-to-end digitization.

Digital Payment: Transforming Transactions

What is Digital Payment? Any payment that takes place electronically through online/digital mode is called digital payment. It eliminates the need for the physical exchange of funds.

Fintech Fraud Prevention Insights

Is fraud prevention possible in fintech? Some good news - India topped 48 global markets with 25.5 billion real-time payment transactions in one year.

Thriving NBFC Industry

India's NBFC (Non-Banking Financial Companies ) industry is thriving and diversifying rapidly.

Digital Lending so Compelling

What makes digital lending so compelling to me? The word loan resembles a responsibility, a need, and in many cases, it is associated with dreams and hopes.

Safe Digital Lending Ecosystem?

Over 1100 lending apps are available on the Google play store for the Indian market; how many of them are safer for borrowers?

Empowering Education Through Digital Lending

Digital Lending now bringing Education dreams to life!

Fintech's Impact: Engaging Audience

Yesterday I was a speaker at ISACA Chennai Chapter(Official), addressing a topic called "How Fintech is reshaping the word".

Secured vs Unsecured lending

In Retail Lending, we have Secured vs Unsecured lending. In Secured lending, we have three categories.

12 factors to choose LMS

From March 2021 to March 2022, the Indian lending market grew by 11.1 percent, to Rs 174.3 lakh crore.

Importance of Loan Origination

Managing a variety of loans, manual processes, eKYC, credit score details, disbursals, and more!

Driving Excellence in Digital Lending

How to build excellence through digital lending?

Features of Loan Management System

Features that make loan management system a must for digital lending.

Shadow Banks - Introduction

RBI says that, as of March 2021, India had 10,000 shadow banks.

Diverse Underwriting, Technology Simplification.

The Digital Lending industry in India is complex! Do you know why?

2 trends in Colending!

A year back, Colending was primarily about Liquidity. Every lender jumped into Colending because of Liquidity issues.

Jumping Interest Rate

In the Gold loan Product, When customers delay their EMI payment, Lenders will increase the interest rate.

How do you safeguard customer data and ensure data privacy?

Funny conversation with a celebrity on lending:

Revolutionary Digital Lending: 10x Conversion, 1/10th Customer Acquisition Cost

The conversion in digital lending is 10x in one of India's top-notch Private Sector Banks.

Use case: How the collections are handled intelligently using data

An exciting use-case of how the collections are handled intelligently using data!

Blended Interest RateBlended Interest RateBlended Interest Rate

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