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YouTube digital lending channels


Lights, Camera, Lend! 

Digital lending youtube channels

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Greetings, lenders! 

In a world where lending has gone digital, and interest rates have become as complicated as interpreting emojis, fear not – help is just a YouTube click away. We’ve scoured the digital lending landscape to bring you a list of the “best” when it comes to YouTube channels that simplify the art of digital lending.

Whether you’re a newbie in lending dipping your toe into the digital finance pool or a seasoned lender looking to up your lending game, these channels are your virtual companions on this financial expedition. Think of them as the Gandalfs or Dumbledores of the lending domain, guiding you through the nuances with the wisdom of a thousand-credit experience (minus the long white beard).

Digital lending youtube channels

(Credit: Tumblr)

No need to hunt for trustworthy info – we’ve got you covered. So, grab a drink, get cosy, and let’s explore the top YouTube channels that unravel digital lending. After all, understanding the industry should be straightforward, not a puzzle. Let’s jump in!

1. CNBC-TV18

Youtube: CNBC-TV18

Subscribers: 1,340,000

Total Views: 345,550,924

Joined: Jan 8, 2007

Description: Immerse yourself in the world of business news with CNBC-TV18, India’s pioneering business news channel. Launched in 1999, CNBC-TV18 has been a trailblazer in covering corporate news, financial markets, investment insights, management perspectives, and digital lending industry trends. This channel’s impressive repository of 145k videos, coupled with its massive subscriber base of 1.34M, ensures that you’re always up to speed with the dynamic world of business.

2. Money Control

YouTube: Money Control

Subscribers: 841,000

Total Views: 151,708,012

Joined: Oct 9, 2006

Description: Immerse yourself in the world of finance and business with Money Control. Recognized as India’s premier Financial and Business portal, Money Control offers comprehensive market coverage, expert analysis, and an array of financial tools. As part of Network18, it stands as the go-to destination for stock market news, digital lending industry news, business insights, and updates on the global and Indian economy. With a vast repository of 54k videos and a substantial subscriber base of 841k, Money Control is your guide to staying informed and making informed financial decisions.

3. Mint

Youtube: Mint

Subscribers: 338,000

Total Views: 89,012,264

Joined: Mar 5, 2008

Description: Embark on a journey through business and every financial news, including lending with Mint. As an award-winning business publication from India, Mint is revered by business leaders, founders, and policymakers alike. Dive into studio debates, exclusive interviews, and feature stories spanning a spectrum of topics. With a substantial subscriber count of 338K and a library of 14,000 videos, Mint serves as a reliable source for making sense of India’s rapid economic growth.


Youtube: National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI)

Subscribers: 77,300

Total Views: 85,455,492

Joined: Mar 26, 2014

Description: Step into the realm of secure digital payments with the National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI). Serving as the umbrella organization for retail payments in India, NPCI‘s innovative products include RuPay, BHIM, UPI, IMPS, and more. This channel, with its 589 videos, introduces you to the world of digital transactions, providing awareness about the convenience and safety of digital payments, co-relation with digital lending and many more. Educating and empowering Indians to embrace a digital financial ecosystem is NPCI’s prime focus.

5. Vinod Kothari & Company

Youtube: Vinod Kothari & Company

Subscribers: 6,690

Total Views: 203,347

Joined: Aug 18, 2018

Description: Welcome to your comprehensive academic haven at Vinod Kothari & Company. Delve into a diverse array of financial domains, from NBFC services, housing finance, and microfinance to securitization, green financing, and corporate laws. This channel offers a treasure trove of knowledge, touching on topics like audit-related matters, insolvency and bankruptcy laws, secured lending, digital lending and more. With 135 videos, Vinod Kothari & Company serves as your intellectual companion on the intricate path of financial exploration.


YouTube: ET BFSI

Subscribers: 2,400

Total Views: 199,326

Joined: Apr 1, 2019

Description: Welcome to the world of ET BFSI, brought to you by The Economic Times. This dedicated news portal delves deep into the dynamic realm of BFSI (Banking, Financial Services, and Insurance) and FinTech. ET BFSI unravels macro and micro financial events, technological shifts, digital lending updates, societal impacts, and human factors, and simplifies complex regulations. Despite its 2.4k subscribers, the 775 videos featured on this channel are packed with insights that shed light on the ever-evolving landscape of finance.

7. The Digital Fifth

Youtube: The Digital Fifth

Subscribers: 1,970

Total Views: 70,121

Joined: Apr 3, 2017

Description: Unlock the potential of fintech with The Digital Fifth, India’s pioneering Fintech consulting and advisory firm channel. Catering to Banks, NBFCs, Wealth Management, Mutual Funds, and Insurance sectors, this channel acts as a compass for both established BFSI institutions and emerging fintech disruptors. With a mission to guide financial entities in forming the right partnerships, attracting customers, and devising product roadmaps, The Digital Fifth boasts 207 videos, equipping you with insights to navigate the fintech revolution.

8. Global Fintech Fest

Youtube: Global Fintech Fest (GFF)

Subscribers: 213

Total Views: 11,688

Joined: Sep 19, 2022

Description: Witness the grand convergence of fintech minds at the Global Fintech Fest (GFF), a collaborative initiative by NPCI, Payments Council of India (PCI), and Fintech Convergence Council (FCC). With an illustrious history of showcasing the full spectrum of the fintech ecosystem, GFF is a platform where industry leaders, regulators, academics, and stakeholders convene annually. This channel, despite its nascent stage with 213 subscribers, holds 206 videos that provide a glimpse into the future of fintech innovation.

9. Synnex Business Media

Youtube: Synnex Business Media

Subscribers: 179

Total Views: 28,379

Joined: Apr 10, 2018

Description: Synnex Business Media stands as a premier provider of professional training, strategic conferences, and global summits. With a legacy of over a decade, this channel brings you insightful business intelligence across diverse industries, including Commodities, Energy, Finance, Infrastructure, and more. Despite its 179 subscribers, the 500 videos hosted on this channel offer a wealth of industry networking opportunities and knowledge sharing.

10. B2B Infomedia

Youtube: B2B Infomedia

Subscribers: 155

Total Views: 20,275

Joined: Mar 23, 2018

Be To Be Infomedia Pvt. Ltd. is your gateway to a dynamic finance platform. Embracing diverse domains such as Banking, Health/Wellness, Brand Activation, Corporate Events, and beyond, B2B Infomedia is a one-stop hub for industry insights. With 155 subscribers and 272 videos, this platform paves the way for meaningful interactions, offering a platform for technology providers to engage with a receptive audience.

11. CloudBankin

Youtube: CloudBankin

Subscribers: 89

Total Views: 3,813

Joined: Nov 26, 2013

Propel your financial institution into the digital age of lending with CloudBankin. Offering an end-to-end lending platform, CloudBankin streamlines loan disbursal in just 10 minutes. From Banks to Urban Co-operative Banks to NBFCs and fintechs, this platform is your key to efficiency and excellence by providing solutions like Digital Onboarding, Loan Origination System, Credit Rule Engine Platform, and Loan Management System, to name a few. With 89 subscribers and 22 videos, Cloudbankin has made waves in the Indian lending sector, digitizing journeys for financial empowerment.


Digital lending youtube channels

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To sum it up, these YouTube channels are like your lending sidekick, always ready with a digital lending cape and a dash of humour (not too much, just a sprinkle) to guide you through the twists and turns of the digital lending universe. So, tune in, grab your popcorn (or whatever your lending snack of choice is), and let these channels be your lending GPS in the world of pixels, loans, and a touch of laughter.

Happy lending and happy watching!

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