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Why should your lending business get

Everyone is talking about it!   API is like the buzzword in the lending sector!  But what are APIs and why is there so much hype around them? API stands for Application Programming Interface. They have been around for many years...

Lending Trends To Watch In 2020

Lending Trends To Watch In 2020

The world around us is continuously evolving and the financial sector is not an exception. With the start of 2019, there are some important trends to be watched in lending trends. The digitization is one of the major trends that...

How Machine Learning Can Redefine Lending

How Machine Learning
Can Redefine Lending

Machine learning has done a tremendous change in the way which financial institutions operate. This article intends to shed light on “How Machine Learning Can Re-define Lending,” analyze and understand every aspect from its basic concepts to the point how...

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