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Loan Origination System

Top 10 KPIs to Measure the Efficiency of Loan Origination Process

Introduction Loan origination is like a crazy rollercoaster ride for financial institutions, with twists and turns from application processing to loan disbursal. To make sure they don’t lose their lunch, financial institutions use loan origination systems that streamline the process,...

How Machine Learning Can Redefine Lending


How Loan Origination is done through Digital Onboarding

Nowadays, financial lending organisations are finding ways to integrate their customers quickly and securely to provide them with all their products and services through Digital Onboarding. People are cautious about taking a loan online. But, both lenders and their consumers...


Loan Origination Post COVID-19 for MFIs

Microfinance or Microcredit is a significant part of the retail finance industry in India. It is the mainstay for providing access to finance to low-income households esp to women. Approx. 60 million women, who enjoy the largest share of the...

Loan Origination – A Critical Step In Mastering The Loan Process

Loan Origination – A Critical Step In Mastering The Loan Process

Introduction Planning to take a loan for yourself? The capital required to purchase the entire asset would be high. Purchasing an asset out of your savings is impractical. But you still want to go ahead? The easiest way to raise...


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